Weleda Baby Teething Powder

Weleda Baby Teething Powder

*Certified Biodynamic*

Help your baby relive the pain of teething with this natural Teething Powder. It is designed to help calm, soothe and ease the discomfort and restlessness that can be stressful for both baby and mother.

It contains classic homeopathic remedies of Chamomilla root 20x; and Conchae 6x; in a lactose base. Children tend to cut their first tooth between four and nine months and signs include swelling and red gums. can also be used on restless toddlers to help calm them to sleep.

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Made in New Zealand, GMO & Cruelty Free, Certified Fair Trade, packaged in glass, recyclable.

Contains equal parts Chamomilla, Root 20x; Conchae 6x; in Lactose Base