Cheers To Childbirth

Cheers To Childbirth


Cheers to Childbirth is the must-have handbook for expectant fathers.

Childbirth can be a daunting prospect for dads who are usually overlooked when it comes to birth preparation. Yet when it comes to the big day, they are expected to know exactly how to support their partner through what can be the most physically challenging and emotionally charged event in their lives. Most men are shocked to learn that this is not a spectator sport and that they can have a profound impact on their partner’s birth experience.

Cheers to Childbirth tells it how it is, giving expectant fathers specific details on how to help their partner have a faster, easier birth. From what to say and what not to say during childbirth to tips on how to be an advocate for a woman in labour, this book gives dads-to-be the information they need to be involved in the births of their babies in a positive and empowering way, together with insightful interviews with men who’ve been there before and learned the hard way!

Written by Lucy Perry, the founder of Beer + Bubs: childbirth education for men at the pubCheers to Childbirth features some of Australia’s best known fathers and their birth stories: boxer Danny Green, radio presenter Adam Spencer, champion surfer Mark Occhilupo, news presenter Mark Ferguson, neurosurgeon Charlie Teo and Olympic rower James Tomkins, opera singer Jud Arthur and blind adventurer Gerrard Gosens, to name a few.

“This book busts the myth that men are helpless onlookers when it comes to childbirth and gives them the tools they need to make birth easier, faster and more rewarding for their partner. It’s also a very entertaining read with quite a lot of laugh–out–loud moments” – Akal Khalsa, midwife

Author - Lucy Perry

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Published by Pure Publishing
Cheers to Childbirth – ISBN 9780980413212