100% Silk Pillowcase

100% Silk Pillowcase

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Ideal for keeping hair frizz-free and skin smooth and wrinkle free! This Pure Mulberry silk pillowcase by Life Basics is hand made from 100% Pure ethical, peace silk from the beautiful Bombyx Mori Silk Worm. Each pillowcase comes with a free silk travel bag so you can take it with you on trips away from home.

To produce this silk (also known as Ahimsa silk) All of the natural cocoons remain untouched until the worms have matured and have flown away as moths on their own accord. Then each cocoon is individually checked to ensure the moth has left before the silk thread is spun.

Hand made in North Eastern & Southern India where we work with local government NGO weaving groups in certified factories. When buying this pillowcase you are helping us support many small farmers and their families.

International Standard Pillowcase (queen). 51cm x 76cm/ 20x30inch,


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