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Lucy Love

Lucy Love


And today you are 12 and you are the light that shines for our family always. You are a little lioness darling. Caring for our pride and seeing the beauty in everything. Dad and I adore you and will do our best to ensure your 13th trip around the sun is memorable and lots of fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY LOVE! 


The day you were born changed me. I let go of a lot of my youthful angst in light of recognising my strength and finding courage to participate in your beginning. When you were born, I somewhat was too.

When your big sister came to visit, I recognised that mothering is a dynamic act and appreciating your role is ever changing, here I was with you in my lap and her climbing beside me - to get a closer look of you. Your face turned pink and your loud screams announced you were never going to hide behind anyone and a moment later you softened and snuggled into me with your long legs hanging under my arms where no baby had been before. Lucy, my love. My Lucy Love, never loose your momentum, hold tight to your sensitivity, it is a unique and beautiful quality to have in a world that sometimes seems full of shadows, you are the light that others will come too. You give the most intense energy filled hugs and I look forward to receiving a life time of them and I will always be here, with open arms for a snuggle.

Seeing you adventuring, daring to step out onto the high platform, climb that massive tree, swim further than you thought you could, tear into a maths exam or novel and shred your I cant’s seriously makes me beam. I wish you everything your heart dreams of Lucy. Happy 11th birthday babydoll x


There is almost a palpable excitement is the air this sunshiny morning. The countdown has finally ceased and when I woke up and came to kiss your beautiful tanned face, your blue green eyes widened, you grinned and whispered "it's my birthday Mum".

Late last night ten short years ago your Daddy and I walked calmly into almost two year old Poppy's room and Aunty Tara sat up from her bed when we told them that I was in early labour and we were taking your dog Pede for a walk. When we returned it was time to go straight to the hospital and not long after with the guidance of a wonderful Midwife you were born in an atmosphere full of LOVE.

Your Dad and I were instantly smitten and after my attempting to name you Daisy... we agreed on Lucy (light) and luckily my Midwife's surname was LOVE x

Today I'm remembering your cute chubby toddler thighs, your tolerance, patience, sweet sensitivity and your way with people. You are so genuine and have the ability to transfer gentleness to others by way of a hug and giggle or with words.

Happy birthday Lucy Love~ so many adventures ahead and I know you'll take it all in your stride x


My Lucy Love, Mudpie, Doodlebug, Dude,

Watching you practice your running writing this morning with such precision and then drawing flowers with your new crayons uninhibited, unhurried and just enjoying your freedom, I noticed the sweet smile that has settled permanently on your beautiful face. My love, you radiate such calmness and nurture everyone around you with selflessness care, no wonder the babies and toddlers gravitate towards you x

The moment you were born your Daddy and I felt our hearts rise above and collide with such loving force that connected us again. From then on, we relaxed into our roles as parents as we had this fresh little being to help us find our way.

I hope your 9th birthday is a memory you will carry with you through life and maybe you will tell your future children about, when they turn 9 and perhaps we can all return to Bali together.... Happy Birthday baby- you are so rock n roll and you don't even know it~ xoxo


I didn't think it was possible to feel my heart grow again - but then there you were. You are the most level-headed, patient, wittiest and of course most 'fashion' person I know (your current favourite word).

I'm sorry you have inherited my twisted sense of humour, you'll have to watch your self with that one, but you'll always have something to giggle about cause life is so funny right?

Happy 7th birthday Mudpie - Lucy Love, always Mama's light x

Our bubble

Our bubble

A giant bag of skittles and 43 needles

A giant bag of skittles and 43 needles